Coordination .. Opening the door for registration of wishes for students of equivalent certificates (link and registration steps)


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The coordination website began receiving applications for students of equivalent degrees on Saturday morning, as many procedures must be followed to record their data through the website, including going to the main coordination headquarters at Ain Shams University or a subsidiary at Assiut University or Alexandria University.

It was also decided for the first time this year that the price of the acceptance proof and the rest of the papers will be paid under a payment authorization printed on the website to coordinate the payment of a money order at various post offices on the institutional code No. 13600101 and the creditors account number (9190447778), where the entry number and the password will be received On the mobile phone registered on the site so that the student is present at the office or any of its two branches only once upon handing over the certificates, and the student is allowed through the electronic coordination registration program for equivalent certificates to reserve the appointment and date to go to the office’s headquarters or any of its branches to hand over his papers attached to the basic data, degrees and wishes To prevent student overcrowding and crowding, in line with the current conditions and to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus.

The steps to be followed to obtain the payment permission and entry code for students of equivalent degrees (Arab and foreign) through the electronic coordination website.

1- All students of equivalent degrees enter the electronic coordination website on the Internet through the following link:

Egyptian government portal

About the site: General instructions for the student: General Secondary Coordination Services now The registration of wishes is open for the third and second round – Stay tuned for the announcement of the results of reducing alienation in the middle of next week

Then, go to the equivalent certificates page and click on the link «New registration to obtain access number and payment procedures», and the student will be shown a welcome screen and instructions that he should read carefully, then press the Next key.

2- The student chooses the type of equivalent certificate he obtained (accuracy should be taken into account when choosing, as the choice results in the appearance of the names of the correct subjects and the majors of the faculties that are permitted for the student) and record their data and include (type of certificate – ID number or civil and personal record of the student in the event of his residency in one of Arab countries – Collage Board Student ID for American high school students – the name of the school, the country and the governorate in which the student studied to obtain the equivalent high school certificate) then press the next key.


3- Registering the student’s data (name – email – mobile phone – religion and gender – the student’s national number – date of birth – the address of the student’s residence in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which the student will be distributed in light according to the rules of geographical and regional distribution). Then press the Next key

4- It follows a step to verify the validity of the registered mobile phone number, where the system will send the verification code to the phone number that the student registered in his data, and the student transfers the code from the mobile messages to the screen to complete the verification process, then presses to review and confirm the request.

5- A screen appears for the student to review the application data, and he should verify the type of certificate he has chosen and review his data, and then press the application registration, which in turn displays a screen containing the entry number obtained by the student and is sent on the mobile in an SMS.

6- In the event that the student has already paid the transfer at the post office, the student uses the screen to enter the application number, receipt number and date of transfer to link the registered entry number to the payment data received from the mail

7- In the event that the student wishes to print the payment permission to go to the post office, the student uses the payment permission print screen directed to the mail and contains the account number “” and the name of the requested service “in exchange for the electronic directory for coordination services”, it is taken into account to register the reason for the transfer with the same entry number obtained by the student when Registration and he must keep the printed paper and the transfer receipt for delivery to the Coordination Office with certificates and other papers.

8- After completing either of the two previous payment procedures, the student is expected to receive a message on the mobile phone with the access number and password after completing the deposit of the transfer within 24 hours, through which he can re-enter the website and register the access number and password to follow up entering his grades and desires and book an appointment to come to the office Format or any of its subsets.

9- In the event of losing the password or access number, or the need to print the payment statement, the student can choose «inquire about the access number and reset the password» from the main page of the site

10- · As for students holding foreign certificates, they must submit a complete academic sequence that meets all seals and certifications.

11- · For more information, all students must observe and follow the instructions issued by the office, which are provided on the Coordination Office website.

The steps that the student must follow to register his data and desires for Arab and foreign equivalent degree students:

1- The student enters the coordination site using the address shown above.

2- The access number and password are used to record his basic data (name – address … etc.), grades and desires.

3- The student must print his desires and grades and indicate the courses he studied with the certificate obtained and which he registered on the Internet, where he must submit a copy of it in his papers file.

4- The student must maintain the access code and password, as these two numbers represent the guarantee of the confidentiality of his data and ensure that no person is allowed to modify his wishes.

5- The student sets an appointment to deliver his papers file to the office through the electronic coordination website, and the student must adhere to the date that will be determined by the wish-registration program.

6- The student can log in several times to amend his desires, at any time until the end of the registration dates, noting that the student is nominated according to the last amendment that the student registered.

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