Corona … a plastic face mask is not enough to protect and experts reveal


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Thursday 03 September 2020

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In the time of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the muzzle or face mask has become necessary to avoid infection with Covid-19, but now we see some people wearing plastic face masks, without the muzzle, and others wearing them with the muzzle, and the question remains what is best for you?

Health officials around the world do not recommend plastic face masks as an alternative to a muzzle due to a lack of research on whether they prevent an infected person from spreading the viral infection to others, however, those who want additional protection may want to wear a plastic face mask in addition to a muzzle, according to “egyptindependent” “

Additional benefit

Plastic face masks have the added benefit of protecting your eyes and preventing you from touching your face through work, says Christopher Solmonte, Project Manager for the Biocontainment Unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA.

Important advice

If you wear a face shield, it can be reused in addition to wearing the muzzle at the same time, but the US Center for Disease Control notes the importance of cleaning it after each use, and you should wash your hands before and after taking it off, and avoid touching your face while removing it.

The difference between the muzzle and the plastic face masks

Face masks “gag”:

Face masks of all kinds are used to cover the nose and mouth and protect against transmission of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, pollutants, allergens, etc.

Protection measures by the CDC, WHO, and other health organizations, wearing N95 and KN95 masks, surgical masks, and cloth masks are recommended.

Are face masks effective against corona virus?

Of course they are good, face masks play a major role in the world when it comes to fighting COVID-19.

Respiratory masks, such as N95 or KN95, have a filtration efficiency of more or less than 95%. This means it can protect you from 95% of all airborne particles that you would likely breathe in without a mask.

These particles consist of viruses, bacteria, pollutants, allergens, and microorganisms, and most importantly, they can also protect you from the transmission of the aerosol virus, which is known to be the main problem of Coronavirus.

Other masks, like surgical or cloth masks also provide great protection and filtering efficacy, so if you find yourself questioning masks, simply remember that without them, everyone will eventually be infected.

What about plastic face masks … are they effective against corona?

They’re good but, plastic face shields have been shown to reduce the risk of contracting the Coronavirus – according to Jennifer Veltam, MD, head of the infectious disease department at Loma Linda University, a face shield can reduce your exposure to the virus by between 68% and 96%. %.

However, this only applies to situations where there is direct and immediate exposure to someone’s sneeze or cough. In other cases, face shields cannot protect you from inhaling droplets into the environment, since they only create a barrier and are not focused protection for the nose and mouth. Face shields should be used alone – even the CDC discourages the use of face shields as the only method of control.

How to wear plastic face masks?

Must be worn with a face mask “muzzle” – Experts say that in order to fully benefit from it, we must wear it with face masks so, when air and potential drops move into you, you will also be protected against it.

The plastic face shields must fit properly, it should be the length of your face, or even longer the end should be level with the end of your chin or the beginning of the neck area, on the sides, the shield should reach almost to the ears, the plastic eyebrow should not contain any Vacuoles, otherwise it will be completely useless against drops.

The face shield also needs to be properly fixed on the forehead; It shouldn’t fit tightly, but is tight enough to stay in place and should be cleaned regularly – after use.

After that, the process must be repeated with an antiseptic solution, after completion, remove the remaining detergents and solution with a clean, damp cloth, and let the face shield air dry, this process must be repeated after each use.

Which is better … the muzzle or the plastic face masks?

Experts say that the comparison between the two is somewhat complicated, and the reason for this is that people wear different masks, use face shields differently (with or without a mask), or use face protectors because they cannot wear masks – it all boils down to the mask one wears. Or not wear it.

For example, if a person wears an N95 mask, they will not need a face shield to provide more protection, since the filtration efficiency of this mask is 95% or less but, if a person wears a homemade cloth mask, they may need some extra protection Because it is not good enough due to lack of layers.

Moreover, there are people who suffer from chronic breathing problems and cannot wear a muzzle in such cases, face shields work perfectly, so deciding which is better depends largely on personal needs and requirements.However, face shields should not be worn alone. It should only be paired with the muzzle (except in cases where the muzzle cannot be worn for health reasons).

One final tip

If you are wondering what to wear, masks or plastic face masks, the answer is very simple; We must wear a mouth mask first, and wear plastic face masks.


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