Corona accelerates again to claim the lives of its victims: one dies every 16 seconds


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“Reuters” said that its statistics revealed that deaths due to Corona infection in various parts of the world have exceeded the million mark, with the increasing number of deaths and the acceleration of injuries in a number of countries.

The agency stated that the number of deaths due to diseases related to the Coronavirus has doubled from half a million in just three months, and the United States, Brazil and India topped the list of deaths.

Around the world, according to Reuters calculations, more than 5,400 die every 24 hours, based on the average deaths so far.

The agency pointed out that this equates to about 226 deaths an hour or one death every 16 seconds, noting, for example, that while watching a 90-minute football match, an average of 340 deaths.

Deaths in the United States, Brazil and India account for about 45 percent of all deaths from “Covid-19” worldwide, while the Latin America region alone accounts for more than a third of deaths.

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