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The World Health Organization has warned of a significant increase in the number of deaths due to infection with the emerging corona virus, and expects that the number of recorded deaths will reach one million during the next week.

While infections are increasing again in New York and Rangoon, compared to a decline in Melbourne, combined data of Coronavirus cases showed that the total number of infections worldwide exceeded 32.8 million as of yesterday morning.

In detail, the emergency aid coordinator at the World Health Organization, Mike Ryan, said in Geneva that the death of two million people due to the epidemic is unimaginable, “but it is not impossible.”

Ryan said that this significant increase could be avoided through strict measures around the world, such as hygiene, wearing masks, maintaining spacing, checks and observing communication, among others.

Ryan added: “The question is: Are we prepared multilaterally to control this virus instead of it controlling our fate?”

He said, “If we do not do this and do not develop the nature, scope and intensity of our cooperation, I am afraid that we will have to adapt to this number and perhaps, unfortunately, with a larger number.”

For his part, the director of the Global Burden of Disease Study Group at the University of Melbourne in Australia, Professor Alan Lopez, said that the actual deaths from the worst pandemic in a century may be closer to one million and 800 thousand, and this number is expected to rise to three million by the end of the year.

Bloomberg News quoted Lopez as saying in an interview: “Talking about a million deaths has a meaning in itself, but the question that arises is whether this number is correct.” He added, “It is fair to say that a million deaths, despite The shock caused by hearing the number is likely to be less than the actual number, which is a much understated estimate.

In fact, the rapid spread of the Corona virus, and its ability to transmit to people who do not show signs of disease, has enabled him to bypass measures aimed at determining the size of cases accurately through large-scale diagnostic tests.

Even in countries with well-developed health systems, it is difficult to accurately measure mortality. A study conducted last July showed that tens of thousands of deaths that could be caused by the “Covid-19” disease caused by infection with the “Corona” virus in the United States were not recorded by official statistics between March and May.

The lack of accurate data undermines the ability of governments to implement timely strategies and policies to protect public health and promote joint recovery. If the death rate from “Covid-19” reaches three million, as Lopez predicts, this will lead to the disease being classified among the most deadly disasters in humans in the world.

A low estimate of the number of deaths may also give some people a false sense of safety.

On the other hand, researchers in the US state of Indiana found that although residents of nursing homes are not routinely tested for the detection of the Corona virus, they represent 55% of Covid-19 deaths in the state.

Director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle, Christopher J. Murray: “Yes, cases are reported every day everywhere, but once you get to the next level, like the number of people who are hospitalized, there are big gaps in the data.”

And patients who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions, are more likely to die from “Covid-19”, and some governments attribute the cause of the deaths of some of these patients to the pre-existing condition, which raised questions about the validity of the official data on deaths.

In June, the World Health Organization announced guidelines for classifying deaths from the Coronavirus, and advised countries to count deaths if patients showed symptoms of the disease, regardless of whether they were confirmed cases or not, and if there was no clear alternative cause.

And physical distancing measures may have reduced road deaths and influenza deaths. In Japan, which was studied due to its lack of widespread testing and relatively lax containment efforts, deaths decreased by 3.5% in May compared to the previous year, even with the arrival of cases. Covid-19 »to its climax.

In Melbourne, the curfew will be lifted in the second largest city in Australia, today, two months after it was imposed, and only 16 new injuries and two deaths were recorded yesterday, in the state, while the number of active cases is below 400 for the first time since June 30.

Melbourne’s five million residents will be able to leave their homes at any time to go to work, play sports or shop, but they must stay within five kilometers of their place of residence, subject to a fine of about 5,000 Australian dollars.

The Prime Minister of the state of Victoria and its capital, Melbourne, Daniel Andrews declared that “no one has the right to spoil what the people of Victoria have done, and perhaps spread the disease.”

Meanwhile, the US state of New York, which was the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States previously, recorded more than 1,000 new infections per day for the first time since June 5.

But the situation is still better than it was last spring when the crisis reached its climax, and New York City restaurants can, from the day after tomorrow, open their indoor halls, provided they do not receive more than 25% of their full capacity, knowing that their external wings were already open.

Rangoon, the economic capital and largest city of Myanmar, is facing a high number of injuries, which increases doctors’ fear of reaching thousands in the coming days.

In total, 993,438 deaths have been recorded in the world since the end of December, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse the day before yesterday.

And aggregate data of Corona virus cases showed that the total number of infections worldwide exceeded 32.8 million as of yesterday morning.

The latest data available on the American Johns Hopkins University website showed that the total number of injuries reached 32 million and 840 thousand cases.

The data also showed that the number of people recovered exceeded 22.7 million.

The United States is the most affected in the world in terms of the number of injuries and deaths (204 thousand and 486 deaths), followed by Brazil with 141 thousand and 406 deaths, India (93 thousand and 379 deaths), Mexico (75 thousand and 844), and the United Kingdom (41 thousand and 936).

In Spain, the Madrid region is preparing to extend the restrictions imposed last week on some neighborhoods to include new neighborhoods, and as of today, an additional 167 thousand people will have to stay in their homes, and not go out except to work, visit the doctor and send children to school, and thus the restrictions included Just over a million people in the region.

And in the United Kingdom, half of Wales underwent a general lockdown, as of yesterday, and Cardiff and Swansea residents can only go out for work or education.

In France, a group of doctors called for imposing “strict restrictions” as of “the end of this week”, in order to avoid “a second wave that will be more difficult to manage than the first on hospitals and resuscitation units.”

In Italy, the number of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus reached 308,104, yesterday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News.

The data indicated that the number of deaths in Italy as a result of the virus reached 35,818 cases, and 223,693 of the infected recovered.

In Moscow, the task force in charge of combating the Corona virus in Russia said that the daily number of new cases in Russia rose to its highest level since June 20, yesterday, recording 7867 cases, bringing the total to one million 151 thousand and 438.

In Moscow alone, 2016 cases were monitored, which is the first time that cases in the capital have crossed the 2000 mark, since June 2nd.

And 99 new deaths from the virus were recorded in Russia, bringing the total official deaths to 20,324.

In Colombia, Coronavirus cases exceeded 800,000, the day before yesterday, one day after the number of deaths from the virus exceeded 25,000, after reopening the country about a month ago, after a lengthy general isolation.

And the Ministry of Health indicated that Colombia recorded 806,38 confirmed cases of the virus, in addition to 25,296 deaths that were reported.

Italy: Corona injuries reach 308 thousand, and deaths reach 36 thousand.

Russia records 7,867 new cases of Coronavirus, the highest toll since June 20.

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