Corona today: a trick used by the virus … and a new display in the tongue


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Sunday 27 September 2020

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After the new Corona virus has become a threat threatening the whole world about 9 months since its appearance, all of us are looking forward to knowing what happens every minute, in light of the tremendous development that Covid-19 has brought in our lives.

Within this framework, “Masrawy” provides a daily service that includes displaying everything you want to know about the latest developments in the emerging corona virus, from the emergence of new symptoms or the occurrence of a different mutation, as well as the development of vaccines and drugs, in brief.

New view in the tongue

According to the British “express” newspaper, you may be at risk of contracting the Coronavirus, if you have a hidden sign on your tongue.

Researchers have warned that some Corona virus patients may develop small red bumps on their tongue, and doctors in Madrid, Spain, said that more than a quarter of those infected with the virus may find a rash inside their mouths, the most common symptom of this rash was the so-called “bumps”, They form on the tongue, and tend to be either red or white.

Using mice to detect injuries

According to the British “Daily Star” newspaper, scientists are looking for quick solutions to discover cases infected with the virus, so they decided to use an army of mice to help fight Corona, through training in inhaling the deadly virus.

Rodents that have proven successful in sniffing hidden landmines can now be used to detect the Covid-19 virus, the hope is to train the rat breed – known as Hero Rats – to sharpen its noses for the chemical compounds found in the Corona virus, and to be able to detect infected cases.

Is Corona the most deadly among other epidemics

The emerging corona virus, whose toll is close to a million, was more deadly compared to other contemporary viruses, although its victims so far are far fewer than the victims of the Spanish flu a century ago.

The World Health Organization warned, Friday, that it is “very likely” that the death toll from Covid-19 will reach two million if all the necessary actions are not done, according to what the “Al Arabiya” website stated.

The Covid-19 epidemic has killed at least 984,068 people around the world since the World Health Organization’s office in China announced the emergence of the virus at the end of December, according to a toll compiled by Agence France-Presse based on official sources, and more than 32 million people around the world have been infected with the Coronavirus. Freshman, among them more than 22 million have recovered to date.

The SARS-Cove-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, is by far the most deadly virus in the twenty-first century.

Corona uses a “trick”

Two rare phenomena of the emerging corona virus prompted scientists to conduct in-depth research that may contribute to determining ways to confront the epidemic.

The first phenomenon was the entry of two brothers to a hospital in the Netherlands after they were critically infected with the virus, as doctors were confused about them because of their poor condition, according to Russia Today.

According to the doctors, the two brothers were 31 and 29 years old, and in the early stages they were in good health without obvious problems, but their condition deteriorated within days and they could no longer breathe, then one of them died.

Two weeks later, two other brothers were admitted to a hospital in the Netherlands as well, and although they were in their twenties, their condition deteriorated greatly in the same way.

These cases raised a great confusion, prompting doctors to call in genetic experts to investigate the matter.

According to a report by “Bloomberg” agency, geneticists have discovered that the common denominator between these cases is the lack of interferon, which helps regulate the body’s ability to defend against viral pathogens.

And two studies were published in a scientific journal confirming that insufficient amounts of interferon represent a dangerous turning point in Corona infection.

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