Corona virus … Australia returns to “the first question”


Morrison added, during his speech to Facebook United Nations General Assembly, That an investigation to trace roots Corona Virus It will reduce the risk of another global pandemic, according to Reuters.

And he continued in his video statement: “This virus has caused a disaster for our world and its people. We must do everything we can to understand what happened, for one reason, which is to prevent it from recurring.”

He went on to say, “There is a clear obligation to determine the animal source of Covid-19 and how it was transmitted to humans.”

Morrison’s comments and similar comments he made this year have strained relations between Australia AndChina.

And it was Australian Prime Minister It led at that time global calls for an investigation into the origin of the disease, which China firmly rejected.

The Beijing ambassador to Canberra warned that calls for an investigation could lead to a deterioration in trade relations between the two countries. China has imposed trade sanctions on Australia since then.

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