Coronavirus: The World Health Organization announces the availability of a rapid-results test to detect COVID-19 in 133 countries


Health workers on a street in India

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In some parts of India, health workers are trying to track the spread of the disease, visiting one house after another

The World Health Organization has announced the provision of a new test tool that can diagnose Coronavirus infection within minutes, which will greatly enhance the ability of middle and low-income countries to monitor its spread.

This comes as researchers said that the number of deaths around the world exceeded one million people, with sharp increases in the numbers of new infections continuing to be recorded in many countries.

The new test, which costs five dollars, could transform the tracking of Covid-19 disease in less affluent countries, which have a shortage of health workers and a shortage of laboratories.

A deal with manufacturers will provide 120 million units of testing over a six-month period.

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