Country Echo: The Truth About Killing Corona With Cloves


Since the outbreak Coronavirus Late last year, many folk methods began to spread in an attempt to treat the Corona virus, for which there was no vaccine so far, except for the Russian vaccine, which was announced days ago.

From garlic and onions to star anise and lemon, they were all popular methods that some people traded on social media as a method. A treatment for coronavirus, However, the matter that baffled scientists for months on end was not that easy, but doctors confirmed that these popular foods and methods are only ways to strengthen immunity to deal with the coronavirus.

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Corona treatment with cloves The last rumor recently in this regard, as some, in several Arab countries, traded advice on eating clove boiled as an effective treatment in killing the coronavirus, but the Moroccan Ministry of Health responded today to this matter and settled the controversy.

Moaz Al-Murabit, the coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations at the Ministry of Health, confirmed that there are no scientific studies proving the effectiveness of cloves in killing the Corona virus, as is common, in his weekly statements about the Corona epidemic.

He stressed that the Moroccan Ministry of Health had previously warned citizens of such rumors, stressing that eating clove boiled is healthy, but it has nothing to do with treating Covid 19.


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