Declare a state of emergency in this country due to Corona


Today, Wednesday, the authorities in the Czech Republic decided to declare a state of emergency in the country, in order to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, by preventing gatherings in the streets.

“The application of the state of emergency will allow to limit the spread of the disease, especially the involvement of medical students in assisting hospital staff, as well as in the distribution of necessary medical materials,” said Czech Minister of Health Roman Brettola.

He indicated that the measures that have been implemented will be less stringent than the spring measures, indicating that the government intends to preserve the country’s economy as much as possible.

Earlier, it was reported that an emergency system had been introduced in Slovakia for a period of 45 days due to the Coronavirus.

The new Corona virus continues to claim human lives in various countries of the world, as deaths exceeded the million mark in light of a clear increase in the number of deaths and an acceleration of infections with what has been termed the second wave of the deadly epidemic.

A statistic revealed that the number of deaths due to diseases related to the Coronavirus has doubled from half a million in just three months. The United States, Brazil and India topped the list of deaths, according to Reuters.

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