Dehydration and diarrhea … the new form of Corona and warnings of its danger


Through a phone call, Dr. Maysa Shawky, a professor of public health at the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, said that there is dehydration and diarrhea in the fact that a second phase of the emerging corona virus “Covid 19” has appeared in Egypt.

I warned that Corona still exists and we must be careful, and just as with the return of schools in Egypt, we must take care with commitment
Of precautions, prevention and precautionary measures »

She added, in a telephone interview on the “DMC” satellite channel, that basic precautions must be followed, which is washing hands with soap and water
In all directions for 20 seconds, and maintain social distancing.

With regard to a new class of viruses, the professor of public health revealed that a new type of Corona virus has appeared in Egypt that attacks
The digestive system and affliction with severe diarrhea and dehydration, warning not to use toilets and clean it after each person with diluted chlorine.

Dr. Maysa Shawky also advised the necessity of wearing masks, noting that decisions were taken to distribute them on ration cards.
In order to protect the health of citizens, and everyone who suffers from a cough or a high temperature must wear masks constantly, even in
inside the house.

Also, the latest news of Corona in Egypt:

The Ministry of Health and Population announced, Wednesday, September 2, that 798 people who have recovered from Corona virus (Covid-19) have left
From the hospital, after receiving the necessary medical care and recovery according to WHO guidelines, the total number increased
Those who have recovered recover from the virus, to 74,626 cases so far.


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