Dehydration and severe diarrhea … a new faction of the Corona virus in Egypt (video)


Dr. Maysa Shawky, Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, said that the fact that a new strain of the emerging corona virus “Covid 19” appeared in Egypt, confirmed: “Corona is still present and we must be careful, and in light of the return of schools, we must leave our minds, with Adherence to the precautionary and preventive measures ».

Corona Virus

She added during a telephone conversation on the “DMC” satellite channel, that the basic precautionary measures must be adhered to, which is washing hands with soap and water in all directions for 20 seconds and maintaining social distancing.

Regarding the new faction of the virus, the professor of public health revealed that a strain of Corona virus has appeared in Egypt that attacks the digestive system and infects severe diarrhea and dehydration, warning against using toilets without cleaning them with diluted chlorine after each infected person.

Shawky warned of the necessity to wear masks, noting that a decision had been made to distribute them in the ration cards in order to preserve the health of citizens, and that everyone who suffers from a cough or high fever must wear the muzzle constantly, even inside the house.


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