Dembele continues his bad habit … and 5 minutes saved him from punishment


Frenchman Osman Dembele, Barcelonas Spanish winger, continued his bad habit after being late for the Catalan team’s training, which was held on Monday, the next day of his participation as a substitute in the Villarreal match with the opening of the Barca matches in La Liga, which ended with the team winning by a clean quarter.

Dembele arrived at Barcelonas sports city 15 minutes late, where the team was scheduled to gather an hour before the start of the training session, but the French player arrived in his car at 10:15 am, which was shown in a video captured by the “Quattro” cameras.

This was not the first time that Dembele was late for training, at a time when the player faced many problems in this regard with the injuries he suffered, as well as playing video games until late at night and eating inappropriate meals.

“Sport” newspaper said that Dembele faced a different kind of routine that he had used since his arrival in Barcelona with former coaches Ernesto Valverde and Kiki Steen, as Ronald Koeman, the new Barca coach, imposed a timetable that was used with Luis Enrique, which forces the players to gather. An hour before training.

The newspaper added that Dembele being 15 minutes late for training will not expose him to a penalty by Barcelona, ​​and according to Barcelonas internal sanctions list, which stipulates the necessity to impose a reduced penalty if he is twice late for training within a month, provided that the total of the delay in the first and second time is greater than twenty Accurate.

Sport published a list of the club’s penalties, which start from 20 minutes accumulated over a month, as follows:

Verbal reproach.

Written warning.

Suspension from work and salary deduction for a period of one day.

Fine: the minimum (deduction of up to 1.33% of his monthly salary), the average (from 1.34% to 2.66%), the maximum (2.67% to 4%).


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