Despite 19 players contracting Covid-19 … a court forces a team to play


And forced the Brazilian judicial decision, taken by the club Flamingo To play the match against its host Palmeiras, Despite 19 of his players being infected with the Corona virus.

After the state labor court decided Rio de Janeiro Saturday the match was postponed because it was impossible to ensure that no more players and crew working in Flamingo were injured, he resumed Brazilian Football Association The ruling argued that the outbreak of the virus in the club was “an isolated incident that cannot be attributed to the Brazilian Football League,” according to France Press.

Federal Labor Judge Vieira de Mello Feliu ruled that the court of Rio de Janeiro, where Flamengo is based, is the holder of my title. Brazilian league AndCuba Libertadores For South American clubs, they “exceeded the limits of their jurisdiction” because the match is scheduled for Sao Paulo, where Palmeiras is based.

The two teams were on the stadium awaiting the decision to appeal submitted by the Brazilian Federation.

After the ruling of the Rio de Janeiro court was canceled, Flamengo, who is sixth in the Brazilian championship, found himself forced to play the match with most of its members from his under-21 team, but he nonetheless succeeded in imposing a 1-1 draw at Palmeiras.

It was Flamingo, which is considered the richest club at BrazilOne of the most demanding of the return of the league after the suspension imposed by the outbreak of a virusCovid-19But when he fell victim to the pandemic, he changed his tone and sought to postpone his match with Palmeiras.

According to France Press, Flamengo had to make many adjustments to his squad as well in Tuesday’s match against Barcelona, ​​Ecuador In the Copa Libertadores, after 7 of his players tested positive for the virus, this did not prevent him from winning 2-1.

In addition to the 19 players, 17 Flamengo staff members were tested positive, including Spanish coach Dominique Torrent and club president Rodolfo Landem.

It is noteworthy that Brazil ranks second in terms of the total number of deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic in the world, after the United States, with more than 140,000 people out of 4.7 million positive cases.

It is also worth noting that Brazilian football resumed its activity last June behind closed doors, after a 3-month hiatus due to Corona Virus The cause of Covid-19.


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