Details of a girl being shot and killed while she was in the Church of the Virgin and a father


11:01 AM

Saturday 26 September 2020

The Church of Our Lady and the Martyr Abi Seifin in Qebaa, Suez Bridge, said that on the evening of Thursday, September 24 (the day before), and at about seven in the evening, the daughter, Marina Adel, while she was in the churchyard, was subjected to a gunshot whose source was unknown, and immediately the security was informed Who rushed over and inspected the scene of the accident.

The church stated, in a statement, on Saturday, that an official report on the incident was released, the injured woman and all those present in the church’s courtyard at that time were questioned, a medical report was issued on the incident, and the surveillance cameras were emptied, and the matter is under investigation.

The Church called on everyone to await the investigations and not to rush to await the outcome of the investigation.

Fadi Youssef, a Coptic activist, stated that he received urgent distress from a member of the Church of the Virgin Mary and Abu Seifin in the city of Qebaa at the Suez Bridge about shooting a young Coptic girl named Marina Adel (an orphan), and that she was hit by a bullet in the right shoulder.

He explained that the shooting took place at exactly seven oclock in the evening of Thursday, September 24, 2020, while some girls were in the church, after decisions to reopen churches in Egypt.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that there were no weddings or occasions from which random shooting might occur, but near the church there are buildings under construction from which one of them might have infiltrated and fired at the church.

After those details, the church came out with an official statement revealing what happened in the incident, and demanding that we wait for the results of the investigation to emerge, and not rush to unofficially announce any details.

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