Details of Al-Ahly’s negotiations with Khalifa Fyler and the position of Spalletti, Jose and Youssef


The media, Ahmed Schubert, confirmed that everyone stands on the tip of his fingers in the Red Castle waiting for the fate of Fyler to be settled, and that all evidence confirms the departure of the Swiss coach after Al-Ahly officials succeeded in making the decision in their hands and not in the hands of the coach. Schubert said on his radio program via On Sport FM, “Fyler will lead Al-Ahly in the Al-Tarsana match next Wednesday, and then Al-Ahly will announce its final decision on it Thursday, all evidence confirms Fyler’s departure from the Red Castle.”

Schubert added, “The decision is the decision of Al-Ahly, not Fyler. Al-Ahly succeeded in turning the helm when he requested a final decision from the coach before the deadline for the termination of the contract between the two parties without penal conditions, so Al-Ahly will announce its decision on the first of October.”.

Schubert added, “Al-Ahly officials are studying three biographies of senior foreign coaches, one of them is large and two very good. Al-Ahly put the same Failer’s salary of $ 2.4 million as a salary for the new foreign coach, but the lack of time and the approaching date of the Moroccan Wydad match is the reason for the difficulty of resolving the matter.”

And about the negotiations with Spalletti or the return of Manuel Jose, Schubert said, “I heard Zikk about the Spalletti negotiations, but I do not have any information. As for the return of Manuel Jose, it is already said. Youssef and Adel Mostafa and Sami shirts with some of Failer’s auxiliary apparatus remaining.

Regarding the Al-Ahly administration being affected by the public’s opinions on Swiss Media, Schubert said, “It never happened. The Al-Ahly administration does not control its decisions, public opinions..

As for Ramy Rabia’s injury, Schubert said, “A heavy loss to Al-Ahly before confronting Wydad in Morocco. For the second time Ramy Rabia’s injury is exposed, and the rest of the defenders are required to concentrate and avoid injuries and roughness before confronting Wydad, and Al-Ahly and Zamalek defend have become anxious before confronting Wydad and Raja in the African Champions League.“.

And the management of the Al-Ahly Club has set a deadline next Thursday to announce its position on Rene Fyler, after clarification of all matters and in light of the terms of the contract with the technical director, and the administration also confirmed that everything reported in the media about alternative nominations to succeed Fyler is completely untrue and not addressed. To this matter, especially since the management’s decision regarding the current technical manager will be determined at the aforementioned date and in a way that serves the club’s interest and preserves the team’s march locally and Africa.

The Red Genie has achieved remarkable progress in terms of results and performance since its successor Fyler Uruguayan coach Martin Lasarte, who was dismissed from his post due to the exit from the 2019 Egypt Cup at the hands of Pyramids, to become a champion of the winning bet from the officials of the Red Castle.

Fyler led Al-Ahly to win the Egyptian Super Cup 2018 by defeating Zamalek 2/3 in the Burj Al Arab stadium in Alexandria, before losing by a penalty shoot-out difference 3/4 against Zamalek in the Egyptian Super Cup 2019 that was held in the Emirates, and was able to climb to the semi-finals of the African Champions League At the expense of the South African Sun Downs to hit a date with Moroccan Wydad, in addition to Fyler’s success in crowning Al-Ahly in the league for the fifth time in a row and forty-second in the history of Al-Ahly, achieving a series of records and seven weeks before the end of the competition in the midst of the title of the most winning, the strongest attack, the strongest defense and the most clean sheet.


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