Detention of 3 accused persons in the Fairmont Hotel incident


The Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of the defendants “Ahmed Tulan”, “Amr Hussein” and “Khaled Hussein” for four days pending investigations into the incident of the assault on a girl in (Fairmont Nile City Hotel) in Cairo, who were arrested in the Lebanese capital Beirut in response to The “Public Prosecution” took it from an action before them, and the “Public Prosecution” confronted them with the charges against them and evidence against them, and the investigations are being completed.

And she was The “Public Prosecution” received a notification from Interpol to arrest the accused “Ahmed Tulan”, “Amr Hussein” and “Khaled Hussein” in the incident of assaulting a girl in (Fairmont Nile City Hotel) in Cairo, in response to what was taken by the International Cooperation Office at the Public Prosecution »Among the procedures of requesting their arrest in the Lebanese capital (Beirut).

The “Public Prosecution” is following up the procedures for their deportation today, as the plane carrying them took off at 7:15 Cairo local time, and they will be brought before the “Public Prosecution” for questioning after their arrival, as part of the resumption of investigations into the incident.

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