Did Zamalek repeat the “Gros” incident in the Portuguese Pacheco contract?


Zamalek officials announced that the contract of Portugal’s Jaime Pacheco, the new technical director of the team, began on the 25th of next September and ends on the 31st of next July, in order for the fans of the white team to revolve in the minds of the fans of the white team what happened during the era of Swiss Christian Gross when he left the team leadership Al-Abyad before the end of the league last season, due to the end of his contract at the end of May, before last, and this is the timing in which the league competition was not ended, and Khaled Jalal was appointed and Al-Abyadh lost the title of the league championship, which was the leader throughout Gross’s period.

And when Zamalek officials asked about Pachecos eligibility to leave if the new season’s tournament did not end before next July, the White Club Football Department made it clear that there is a clause in the contract confirming that the team’s technical director will continue until the end of the football season and Hoa is linked to the end of the new season tournament, so if the league does not end before At the end of July Pacheco will not be able to leave by then and will continue to lead the Whites.

The Portuguese coach Jimmy Pacheco, Zamalek’s technical director, set 4:30 pm today, Monday, the date for the first session under his leadership in preparation for the white team’s confrontation with the Egyptian Port Said, which will bring the two teams together at 8 pm next Thursday at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, within the thirty-first round of the Premier League competition. , Who officially won the Al-Ahly title for the 42nd time in its history and the fifth in a row.

Amir Mortada Mansour, general supervisor of football at Zamalek club, revealed the final formation of the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, returning to lead the team in a second term, which will be composed of Portuguese Pacheco as a technical director and assisted by the bilateral bilateral Alex Costa, the assistant coach, and Jose Pedro, the loads coach, who had previously worked In Zamalek, he accompanied Josualdo Ferreira, the former coach of White, as well as two local assistants, Medhat Abdel Hadi and Amr Abdel Salam, after dismissing the recruitment of Senegalese goalkeeper coach Khadim Fay, who would have taken over the task of coaching White goalkeepers.

Amir Mortada Mansour said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the Portuguese Pacheco will take over the first training for Zamalek today, Monday, after he officially assumed the task for the team, and the end of the temporary mission of Tariq Yahya, who took over the leadership of the White in the last three matches in the Premier League, starting from the Aswan match. Then Tanta, and finally El Gouna, in which the Whites won four goals against three, in the context of the 30th round of the Premier League competition.

The Portuguese Pacheco and his assistants were present in the Zamalek residence camp before heading to the Cairo Stadium, to play the El Gouna match, where the players and the temporary technical staff of White, led by Tariq Yahya, were keen to welcome him, after his arrival in Cairo, in the early hours of Sunday morning, in preparation for taking over Officially leading the team, he also watched the El Gouna match from the Cairo stadium cabin.


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