Direct coverage of the contractor match and Masr Club in the league


Honorable Yallakora visitors, we offer you live coverage of the Arab Contracters match and Masr Club, within the 30th week of the Premier League competition, which is scheduled at the El Mokawloon Stadium.

The contractors occupy fourth place in the ranking table with 49 points from 29 matches, and they seek to win in order to get closer to resolving the fourth place qualified for the Confederation, and to escape from pursuing Smouha, who is fifth with 43 points.

As for Masr Club, it is in the penultimate place with 20 points, as it is close to relegation, but still has the hope digitally to remain in the league championship.

Match details:

The contractors succeeded in advancing early through Hinestroza after being alone with the goalkeeper of Egypt, and despite the referee Saeed Hamza canceling the goal at the beginning based on the signal of the flag referee, the video judgment proved the correctness of the goal, so that the wolves of the mountain advanced.

Saif Al-Jaziri added the second goal in the 11th minute, after a ball that fell and bounced inside the penalty area, to shoot it and change its direction after colliding with the defender of Club Masr and settled in his net.

Mohamed Majali added the third goal of the contractors after receiving a cross ball inside the penalty area, to shoot the ball and follow it in the 18th minute.

Hinestroza launched in the 30th minute, and passed by Al-Jaziri before the latter returned it to him, so the Colombian scored easily in the net, adding the fourth goal of the contractors.

In the second minute of time, instead of the goods, Al-Jaziri received the ball inside the penalty area, to easily shoot it into the goal, scoring the fifth goal of the mountain wolves.


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