Do not abuse or ambush … the first statement from Tariq Al-Mahdi after excluding a list


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Tuesday 29 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Major General Tariq Al-Mahdi said that the reasons for excluding 4 members of the Egyptian Stream list is that the wife did not sign the financial disclosure statement.

Al-Mahdi added in a statement to Masrawy: There is confusion that occurred during the signing of the declaration, and the declaration issued by the Postal Authority with the signature of the husband written on it, and a severe confusion in which a lot occurred, and the same thing applies to 3 of the list members.

He explained to Masrawy: He is currently in the Zagazig court to complete the appeal papers and submit the financial disclosure declaration in the new form.

The National Elections Authority announced the preliminary lists of candidates for the House of Representatives elections on individual seats and lists, and the list showed the enslavement of the Egyptian National Movement list, which was headed by Major General Tariq Al Mahdi from the East Delta sector, which includes the governorates of Sharkia and Damietta, in addition to the governorates of the Canal, and North and South Sinai.

The National Elections Authority announced the reasons for excluding the list, because the financial disclosure statement of Major General Tariq Mahdi Abd Al-Tawab Muhammad Yahya, the main candidate on the list, was free of mentioning the wife’s data, and it did not sign the financial disclosure statement despite proving it on the national ID card and CV that he is married.

Al-Mahdi said: Michael Tadros’ papers were rejected because of the failure to present the military service certificate, although he handed it over to the commission with a receipt for submitting the papers and indicating that the certificate was presented, and it appears that it was lost from the commission, and despite that we will present a new certificate to the candidate for the administrative court.

He continued: There is no arbitrariness or ambush in the list, and I am well-intentioned for the end, and I expect the appeal and the list to return to the electoral race by a ruling from the Administrative Court in Zagazig.

Regarding the statements of Yasser Qoura, one of the members of the list who announced his withdrawal from the list, Al-Mahdi clarified that he appreciates the role that Qurah has played in preparing the list, and in the event that the appeal is accepted and the list is returned, he will be replaced by another candidate since the circumstance is beyond everyone’s control.

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