Do you remember the child Kazem in “Dada Dodi”? … See the photos of his engagement | news


A number of children who participated in the movie “Dada Dodi” with actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz years ago, enjoyed public acceptance, among them actor Ahmed Emad, who presented the role of the child “Kazem” who is going through a psychological crisis because of the loss of his mother.

Ahmed Emad recently announced his engagement to the assistant of a young director named “Suhaila Hegazy” and shared the pictures through his Instagram account, revealing the images that reveal a shift and change in his features in the film from what he is now in his youth.


The movie “Dada Dodi” starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Salah Abdullah and Mohamed Sharaf, and the film is directed by Ali Idris, and was shown in 2008.

It is worth noting that the young actor Ahmed Emad participated in a number of dramas, including the series “Diaries and Nice”, and with Yahya Al-Fakharani in the series “Al-Layl and Akhira.”

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