Does seasonal influenza vaccination cause infertility? … Know the answer from “The Seventh Day TV”


Dr. Ashraf Oqba, Head of the Immunology Department at Ain Shams University, said that children under the age of two who are banned from the seasonal influenza vaccine must be largely protected from patients and gatherings, and follow hand-washing procedures and so on. This came in a special coverage conducted by “The Seventh Day Television”, About the seasonal influenza vaccine, as the coverage was prepared by Muhammad Mahsoub, and provided by Hour Muhammad.

He added that the vaccine is intended to be given to a person once a year for most cases, but it is possible for a person to get two doses of it in the same year, especially for the elderly, as he gets the first dose and follows it after 4 weeks to ensure the formation of antibodies.

One of the fans of the Seventh Day TV asked a question about whether the vaccine causes sterility, as some say ?, where he answered an obstacle, stressing that this is not true at all, as its side effects are allergies to the components of the vaccine or high temperature, which are rare cases, stressing that the side effects Can handle it.

He stressed that a person can conduct allergy tests before getting the vaccine, stressing that the vaccine is taken under medical supervision.

He also stressed that the vaccine and vaccine are the first to provide the seasonal influenza vaccine, as well as some pharmacies that announce the vaccine and vaccine.

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