Doom is coming .. World Health declares emergency and calls on people of the world to prepare .. Video


Al-Arabiya TV presented a report in which the World Health Organization appealed to the world to confront the next epidemic to develop its health systems after Corona revealed in many countries deficiencies in hospitals, teams, and health equipment.
The Director-General of the World Health Organization said in a report broadcast on the Al-Arabiya channel, that Covid 19 teaches us all many lessons, one of which is that health is not a luxury commodity for those who can afford it, but rather it is a necessity and a human right.

The report indicated that the organization’s request came in light of the continuing spread of the new Corona virus without stopping it or finding a vaccine for it since its inception about 8 months ago, and the number of infections increased to more than 27 million cases, and deaths exceeded 881 thousand people.

The general manager of the organization continued Global health That this will not be the last epidemic, and history teaches us that disease outbreaks and epidemics are a fact of life.


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