Echo of the country: The accused of slaughtering the father of his sweetheart in front of the mosque: he refused to allow my family and resigned my work


“I was in love with his daughter and asked him to marry her according to the Sunnah of God and His Messenger, he refused because of my independent work and my work in the butchery and selling the tripe.” With these words, a butcher justified his motive to kill an old woman who was slaughtered in front of a mosque in the city of Badrasheen, during a session that ended with the renewal of his detention for 15 days pending Investigations.

Inquiries revealed Security services In Giza, the circumstances of the slaughter of an old woman in the middle of the street in the city of Badrasheen, and it was found that a butcher slaughtered him in front of the village mosque for refusing to marry him to his daughter.

Major General Tariq Marzouq, Assistant Minister of Interior and Director of Giza Security, received a notification of the killing of an old woman in the middle of the street in one of the Badrasheen villages, in front of passers-by, and the security forces headed by Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammad Tabliah, head of the Badrashin Investigation Department, and the examination revealed that the body of an old woman named “Rabi`.” A slaughtered wound in the neck.

The investigations conducted under the leadership of Major General Mahmoud Al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Investigation, and Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Watidi, Head of Investigations in the South Giza Sector, indicated that the perpetrator of the crime was a meat seller, the victim’s neighbor, and he had recently proposed to sermon the daughter of the dead man who refused his request, which angered the young man and decided Take revenge on the girl’s father.

The investigations headed by Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, added that the accused ambushed the dead man and waited for him to leave the mosque after the noon prayer and slaughtered him from behind, amidst astonishment by passers-by, and a security force was able to arrest him in possession of the crime weapon, and facing him he confessed to committing the incident.

A report on the incident was edited and referred to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation.

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