Egypt: “Revolutionary Socialists” and “Al-Dustour” are in solidarity with the September movement against Sisi


The “Revolutionary Socialists” movement issued a statement on Sunday in solidarity with the demonstrations that have been going on for eight days in various parts of Egypt, and the “Constitution Party” also appeared on Saturday with the movement as well.

The movement said in its statement that the importance of these demonstrations is not measured by their size, their degree of spread, nor the nature of the calls that preceded them, nor those who called for them, but rather “by analogy to the confiscation of all forms of protest and expression that preceded them, and the tightening of security grip on all aspects of political and social work.”

The statement added that the current authority, which surpassed all those who preceded it in oppression and tyranny, “was deluded into being safe from any public anger after silencing all the voices.”

Regarding the reasons for the September movement, the movement said, “The decisions that were followed in a short period of time, such as raising the prices of metro tickets, transportation, raising the prices of electricity, gas, water, and railway prices, reducing the weight of a loaf of bread, and other decisions, any of them were sufficient to blow up Protests. ”

The statement continued by saying that “the demonstrations of the past days came to challenge that authority, and announce that protests are still possible, without media, parties, unions, or any political or popular organization.”

The statement pointed out that the security context in which the demonstrations moved makes their real value many times their size, while the economic and social context in which those demonstrations moved makes it a more reliable thermometer than all analyzes of what Egyptians actually feel.

He stressed that “the calm that the authority’s procedures and policies went through did not mean at any time that anger was not building up among the masses.”

As for making sure of the size of the demonstrations and the extent of their spread in the past days, the movement saw that it could not be ascertained due to what it called a “media blackout,” but “what is beyond doubt is that the volume of anger in the street is times greater than those demonstrations, which will not be the last mass movements as long as they continue.” The authority to implement policies of impoverishment and oppression. ”

The Revolutionary Socialists Movement concluded its statement by affirming its solidarity with every mass protest against the policies of impoverishment and oppression practiced by the Authority.

It also affirmed the absolute right of the masses to express protest, and their rejection of the policies of security prosecutions, repression and arrests with which the authorities confronted the demonstrators, and demanded the release of all detainees and the accountability of those responsible for the victims of the suppression of the demonstrations.

Constitution Party Solidarity

On Saturday, the “Constitution” party also announced its solidarity with the demonstrations in a statement in which it said that these demonstrations were an expression of intense frustration and anger among a large segment of the Egyptian people who were fed up with the policies and decisions that weighed on them.

He added, “Citizens found no way but to protest to express their disapproval and dissatisfaction with the economic situation, especially with the blockage of all legitimate channels for expressing opinion: the political parties closed the way for them to exercise their legitimate role and Parliament and its members in isolation from the Egyptian street and its suffering that they caused throughout the previous legislative session.”

In its statement, the party also called on the authorities to “give priority to the national interest over any other consideration,” and to release “everyone who was arrested while exercising his right to peaceful protest and expression of opinion, as well as all those imprisoned in pretrial issues of opinion, whether party or independent opponents.”

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