El-Ahly.com narrates the full story of the Fyler crisis: How and when it started, preparing the alternative and behind the scenes behind closed doors


Al-Ahly fans are waiting for next Thursday, the first of October, to determine the fate of the current Swiss coach, Rene Fyler, whether to continue with the team or not, according to the Red Castle statement a few days ago.

The technical management of the first football team at Al-Ahly is confined to the coming hours between Fyler completing his mission with the team, whether until the end of the African Champions League or the end of his new contract, or the termination of the relationship between the two parties.

Reviews El-Ahly.comThe full story in the file of Swiss Rene Weiler, which was not spontaneous during the past few days.

Non-positive indications from Fyler are surprising Al-Ahly officials

The beginning, as soon as conversations arose about Rene Fyler’s desire not to complete his mission with Al-Ahly club, which came a while ago inside the Red Castle, the reaction was quick on the part of the management by feeling the pulse of the Swiss to find out the truth of this matter, so that the result would be a negative reaction and indicator from Fyler.

Fyler’s failure to clearly resolve his position with the administration at the time, prompted the Al-Ahly football department to prepare the alternative plan in the event that the coach made any individual decision to leave the position of first man inside the club.

Al-Ahly decides its decision to find an alternative early

The other stage was after sessions between Fyler and the club’s management, at which time the second party began to find illogical requests from the Swiss side, in addition to the presence of some internal matters in the dressing room that “had not been announced” so that the Al-Ahly administration at that time began to take actual and serious steps to search for an alternative after If you find that the continuation of Fyler with the team is an unsecured decision, whether by the management’s perception of the actions and requests of the Swiss or the coach himself.

Indeed, Al-Ahly began to open lines of communication with a number of coaches nominated to succeed the Swiss not so long ago, in order to find a suitable replacement for Failer who would be ready to take over the task as soon as possible.

I do not want to leave .. Fyler’s slogan for close people

The Swiss coach, who led Al-Ahly to win the 42nd League in its history, confirmed in side conversations with some of his close associates that he does not want to leave the ranks of the Red Castle and that he is committed to continuing with the team, but to implement its own requests.

The Swiss Fyler believes that his requests are logical and assured that he is focusing on continuing with the team in the coming period naturally and that his requests are not impossible, which is inconsistent with the vision of the ball officials in Al-Ahly club.

Al-Ahly management believes that there are some exaggerated requests on the part of Fyler and that they are not compatible with the club’s vision and come as a way of impeding the departure from the club’s ranks.

Winning Africa is a priority over winning the League

Since the return of the Egyptian League competitions after stopping due to the Corona virus, the Swiss has only thought about winning the African Champions League and crowning the title with Al-Ahly.

Fyler’s hopes and dreams were clear in his conversation with those close to him in closed rooms and that he would not mind if matters reached a trade-off between losing the local title after leading the competition with this difference of points and winning the African Champions League and that he would choose the continental coronation and losing the local title.

What about the position of Michel Yancon?

The goalkeeper coach won approval and approval from the fans and officials of Al-Ahly club and even the goalkeepers of the team after the brilliance and appearance of Mohamed El-Shennawi in a very distinctive way with the team and his contribution to winning in a large number of team matches.

The position of the guards coach is unclear and final so far within the walls of the Red Castle, the club does not object at all to the continuation of Michel Yancon in the new coaching staff in the event of stability on the departure of Fyler and the desire of the coach of the guards himself to continue with Al-Ahly.

But what about the position of the new coach on the continuation of Michel ?, Among the names that the Al-Ahly club spoke with, there are those who welcomed the continuation of Michel in his technical staff, and others rejected the presence of a guards coach in his assistant, and therefore the position of the coach became unclear until now until the negotiations were ended. With the new technical director.

What about the position of Al-Ahly expected on Thursday?

In the beginning, Al-Ahly does not like the Swiss Rene Fyler to travel to his country at the present time, and that things indicate that the coach will continue in Cairo if he continues with the team and does not leave.

As for Fyler’s departure, the Al-Ahly club has the upper hand and has the final decision in this file after the freedom to make decisions at the present time has passed from the Swiss to the board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

Does the new coach lead Al-Ahly in the African Championship?

Al-Ahly’s plan to equip a substitute coach makes the new technical manager able to sign contracts and be in Cairo a few days after thanking the Swiss, however.

Al-Ahly management, despite the new coach’s ability to sit on the bench of Al-Ahly in the first man’s seat during the two matches of Moroccan Wydad in the African Champions League semi-finals, the Red Castle is seriously considering not risking the start of a new coach and taking on a difficult task in the semi-finals of the competition, which is the first and most important goal for the masses And Red Castle officials.


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