Emad Al-Nahhas accepts the role of the general coach in Al-Ahly, on condition


A source close to Emad Al-Nahhas, the coach of the Arab Contractors team, confirmed that he had received calls from Al-Ahly club to seek his opinion on his presence in the new technical staff, in the event of the departure of Swiss Rene Weiler.

The source said in statements to Laila Kora that Imad Al-Nahhas received negotiations from Al-Ahly, indicating that the Al-Ahly official had offered him to be a general coach for the team during the coming period.

He added that Al-Nahhas welcomed the position of General Coach in Al-Ahly, provided that the next technical director is a foreigner, but in the event that an Egyptian technical director is appointed, he will be rejected.

He added that Al-Nahhas spoke with the Arab Contractors about the possibility of his departure to Al-Ahly, if the Red Club requested a contract with him, and his request was approved by the contractors officials.

The source concluded by saying: “Al-Nahhas wants to be inside Al-Ahly in the coming period, and he has not been late to the club if he is requested under any position, and he has no objection to administrative work with the team or the technical work.”

Al-Ahly will decide its final position on October 1.

It is reported that Imad Al-Nahhas assumed the technical task of the Arab Contractors last season, and is competing strongly with the team during the current season 2019/2020 to occupy second place in the Egyptian League, which Al-Ahly was crowned early.


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