Emad Muteb to Weiler: I looked under your leg, and where is the clarity and candor


Imad Mutaib, the former Al-Ahly and Egyptian national club striker, criticized the actions of Swiss coach Rene Fyler, describing it as a lack of clarity. Europe because we are talking about homesickness, except for a few of us. ”

Mutab added: “The first time I see a lack of clarity and frankness in foreign coaches, after I followed Fyler’s method with Al-Ahly. I would have hoped for him to be frank and say I have an offer and want to leave instead of saying I cannot be far from my family and I have a longing for the homeland and puts impossible conditions that Al-Ahly will not agree.” She has to so that the departure is justified because of the administration. ”

ويضيف Emad is tired: “They shaken him and glorify the peace of the Al-Ahly board of directors with its decision to leave Fyler and not bow to his demands. We, Al-Ahly, do not accept a coach who looks under his feet and does not know the value of the glory that was waiting for him after three matches to ascend the throne of Africa.”

Meteb added: “With my respect for any club that Fyler will coach, he will not find Al-Ahly’s achievements. The Club World Cup will only be played with Al-Ahly. You will not be crowned the African Champions League except with Al-Ahly.”


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