Encrypted messages through pornographic films … Exciting details emerge for the first time about Bin Laden’s terrorist network


A new documentary has revealed exciting details about the former al-Qaeda terrorist network. Osama bin LadenAnd how he was transmitting coded messages to follow the regulation through pornographic films.
The movie, published by National Geographic, sheds light on hundreds of written and electronic documents that the US Navy was able to obtain from the housing complex in which he was killed. Osama bin Laden On May 2, 2011 in Pakistan.

According to the movie, the US military found hundreds of pornographic films inside the compound, which US officials described as “very strange”, and it was found that he was transmitting coded messages to his followers through those films, because he was not using e-mail messages.

The movie said that bin Laden did not have any internet or computer inside the compound in which he was killed, in which 22 people lived with him, but he had several phones and televisions.

About 3 years ago, the CIA released documents that showed that bin Laden was watching films for children in addition to pornographic films, and it also released other documents that it said “harms US national security,” and diaries bin Laden wrote about himself and a video recording of his son Hamzah’s wedding. .

The documents also included information about relations between Al-Qaeda and Iran, bin Laden’s personal newspaper, 18,000 documentary files, about 79,000 audio and video files, and more than ten thousand files containing video films.

The documents also include messages that bin Laden sent to members of his family and others to his followers, and shed light on al-Qaedas planning strategy to revive the tenth year of the September 11 attacks, and the organization’s network work to spread its messages in the Western media.


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