Everton, with Ancelotti at the top of the Premier League, by defeating Crystal Palace


The Everton team continued its strong start in the English Premier League and won its third consecutive victory after its 2-1 victory at Crystal Palace today at the Solheart Stadium in London in the third round of the Premier League.

The result of the match Everton and Crystal Palace

The two teams entered today’s match and each has 6 points. In the past two rounds, Everton defeated Tottenham Hotspur outside their bases with a goal without response, then West Bromwich 5-2.

As for Crystal Palace, they won in the first and second rounds, against Southampton, with a goal, and then at the expense of Manchester United, 3-1.

Old Italian Carl Ancelotti entered the match with this formation:

While the formation of the Crystal Palace came as follows:

Scorer Dominic Calvert Lewin, put Everton ahead early with a goal in the tenth minute to score his fifth goal of the season and top the scorers’ list.

Sheikho Kouyate managed to score the equalizer for the home side in the 26th minute.

With the 40th minute, Toveez gets a penalty kick after the ball touches the hand of James Ward, Crystal Palace defender, and he successfully hits Rachelison with a kick.

The victory raised Everton’s balance to the ninth point, to temporarily lead the Premier League with 9 points and achieve a strong start in the English Premier League and equal its number achieved in the 1993-1994 season by winning the first three rounds.


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