Exciting statements and mutual accusations after the meeting between Zamalek and El Gouna


The excitement of the Zamalek and El Gouna match that was held at the Cairo Stadium with the referee’s whistle did not stop and continued after the match to spark a crisis between Tariq Yahya, the former coach of Zamalek, Nader Shawky, the director of the company responsible for the football administration in El Gouna, and Yasser Rayan, the former Al-Ahly player, and the father of Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the player of El Gouna loaned from Ahly.

Zamalek scored an impressive 4-3 victory over El Gouna in the 30th round of the Premier League competition.

The match stadium witnessed objections from Zamalek officials due to the referee counting the second goal of El Gouna, as well as objections from El Gouna officials to the penalty kick from which Zamalek scored the fourth goal.

After the match, Tariq Yahya said in statements on On Time Sports 1, “What happened in the match was the same atmosphere of last season, words were issued that cannot be made by big players. There are very bad things that happened. I am talking about what the duo Ahmed Yasser Rayan and Islam Muhareb did. “.

He continued, “My words here to Yasser Rayan, the father, there must be a halt. We appreciate that he played for the Al-Ahly club, but what happened is a strange thing, during and after the match, and what he did also is a warrior’s Islam that is not appropriate, a transgression against the Zamalek club, what we saw has nothing to do with it.” With literature and morals, we are the club of Zamalek, not a small club. ”

On his part, Nader Shawky replied, “El Gouna is a respectable club, we do not have people who utter inappropriately, I trust the duo Yasser and Muhareb, in El Gouna there is no one who crosses the red lines, we are a respectable institution, and what is raised does not serve the relationship between Zamalek and El Gouna even though everyone knows. Tension in that relationship. ”

And he continued, “We have been treated improperly in the cabin of the Cairo stadium, as if El Gouna is a club from another country. Does Tariq Yahya’s statements intend to spark things more? This is not intelligence I think, it would have been better to communicate with me and Hossam Ghali in order to contain the situation if it happened.” .

He stressed, “Can the name of Ahmed Yasser Rayan and Muhareb be mentioned because the duo belongs to Al-Ahly, and thus matters flare up between them and the Zamalek fans, and the gap increases?”

Tariq Yahya commented, “I do not say these words in order to ignite sedition.”

Yasser Rayan, the father of the El Gouna player and former Al-Ahly player, responded, “Tariq Yahya loves trends, with all due respect to him. I contacted my son after hearing his speech and he was amazed at what was said. My son assured me that he did not meet Tariq Yahya during or after the match. I know that my two sons are well-educated. From a good environment, besides that he was brought up within the walls of Al-Ahly since he was 8 years old.

He declared, “Is Tariq Yahya because he will leave the training and return to the media, making trends with these statements? If this matter happened to my two sons, I would have contacted Tariq Yahya and apologized to him and went to him too, but why is this transgression of my son’s right? I trust his words, he denied everything It was said. ”

He continued, “Supposing that the incident happened, is it appropriate for Tariq Yahya to go out to the media and talk about the matter in this way, why did he not contact me first, does he want to distort the image of my two sons ?, For the sake of whom and everyone knows his morals, Tariq Yahya is a great trainer and has experiences, I want an explanation of what happened ? “.

And again, Tariq Yahya returned to respond, saying, “I saw the incident myself, I was in the events, I do not lie and it is not my habit to attack anyone, my morals do not allow, Islam of a warrior spoke to me inappropriate words inside the stadium, and during his exit from the stadium uttered words not befitting of Zamalek,” I don’t want to reveal what was said. ”

He continued, “I did not say that Yasser Rayan is immoral, but last season created a crisis and then went out and apologized in the media. Am I in school to contact Yasser Rayan by phone because of his son’s transgression? With my respect to Yasser and Nader Shawqi, I am not a liar.”

He stressed, “I am not a trend and not a bad person.”

He concluded, “If I wanted to ignite sedition, I would have mentioned what was said about Islam Muhareb and Ahmed Yasser, the crises of last season in front of everyone.”


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