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Two things I expected to happen in the past days .. The first thing is to extend the deadline for reconciliation in construction violations by a month or until the end of December, to accommodate those who wish to reconcile, who are in the millions .. The extension of the deadline occurred a month, i.e. until the end of October .. And the second is the return of the construction movement, because It is not correct to come in the year of the Corona and the situation of millions of simple people who live in the profession of architecture has ceased .. Indeed, the architecture movement has been resumed as of Tuesday … as Dr. Mustafa Madbouly decided that .. And these expectations are written and recorded on the radio .. The story is a simple reading of people’s needs … and the government responded .. I think that the government has been closer to the people in the past months, studying, deciding and responding!

What happened was that I was surprised by many colleagues on satellite channels and radio asking me about the measures that the government had taken to facilitate the reconciliation process .. I had two paths to answer .. The first was to thank the government and praise the decisions only, and the second was to talk about the government’s response to the people and demand that it take other decisions, such as restarting the movement. Building and extending the deadline for reconciliation .. and this means that the one who advises you is better than the one who praises all your decisions. The government is supposed to rely on the writings of the book and the interventions of analysts, to know the trends of public opinion .. And I mean that some deviation from the text is beneficial .. and is in the public interest of the country!

It is true that I do not want to launch construction on the sea, but with conditions, controls and prior planning that preserves the Egyptian real estate wealth .. Counselor Nader Saad al-Din, the official spokesman for the government, specified it with three conditions .. the first of which is that the one who wants to build has a license .. and the second is that the license is A precedent for the decision to stop construction directly … and the third is to wait for the decisions organizing unified construction … and I am with the government in all measures that preserve the planned construction process so that we do not return to the slums again … and I believe that no one wants to return to the slums again!

By the way, the Reconciliation Law aims at stopping random construction, legalizing the construction process, preserving real estate wealth, stopping construction on agricultural lands and laying down the river .. and it means that no building will take place from now without a prior permit, in which all the conditions are specified .. which is a process that puts an end To live in slums and cemeteries, and provide a humane housing befitting the Egyptians, as the president said recently, and said that every citizen requests an apartment that we will provide for him … which is an unprecedented step at all!

Sometimes there are significant government decisions, but they are marketed in a wrong way … or they are distorted … including the Reconciliation Law … it was marketed as a collection law, not a reconciliation law … until the prime minister explained its purpose and citizens received him with great satisfaction .. In short: explain: For people before decisions and not after them .. Dialogue is important and useful!

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