Face ID: Singapore is the first country in the world to use ID technology


  • Tim MacDonald
  • BBC – Singapore

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A woman checks her mobile phone in front of several Singapore skyscrapers

Singapore intends to be the first country to use facial authentication technology, as part of its national digital identity system project.

Biometric screening will provide Singaporeans with safe access to services in the private and public sectors. The government in Singapore says this system will be the basis for the country’s digital economy. It was tested in a bank and is now being circulated across the country.

And it is not just a matter of knowing the identity of people, but also of confirming their actual presence. Singapore is supplied with this technology by the British company iProf, which was founded and headed by Andrew Bud, who says: “You must be confident that the person is actually present, and that you are not looking at a photograph, or recorded video, or a fake clip.”

The technology will be activated in Singapore’s national digital identity system, known as “Sing Pass”. Technology will create access to government services.

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