Facebook introduces a comprehensive reform to Instagram that allows messaging with Messenger


Facebook said today, Wednesday, that it will begin replacing Instagram’s direct messaging service with a version of its Messenger app, in the first big step in its plan to link messaging across its suite of apps.

This step allows users of the two applications to communicate with the other service, exchange messages and make video calls with it without the need to download the other application.

If users agree to the update, the Instagram messaging icon will change to the Messenger app icon. As with Messenger, Instagram users who were unable to re-send messages will be able to do so to a maximum of five people at a time.

The move will be initially launched on Wednesday in a few countries, which have not been identified, and will be implemented in the rest of the world soon.

And Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, first announced the vision for messaging between apps earlier this year. Ultimately, the company aims to merge WhatsApp and extend the end-to-end encryption technology to the three services.


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