Facebook will ban ads for US election candidates winning before the results are announced


A Facebook representative confirmed that the social networking site will not allow ads claiming victory for the Trump or Biden campaigns on election night. On September 3, Mark Zuckerberg put in place a new policy for Facebook prohibiting political ads from being displayed on the social networking site for the week before the third of November. Election Day, according to the US Engadget website.

However, this policy, according to a recent Fast Company post, would not prevent presidential campaigns from creating new ad campaigns starting on November 4, and this would enable the presidential campaigns or both to claim victory and saturate the market with misleading ads, Facebook explained. Since then in a public statement that such measures are also being conducted.

“We will reject political ads claiming victory before the 2020 election results are announced,” wrote Andy Stone, a representative for Facebook communications, on Twitter. In addition, the company will apply “information labels” to any advertisement calling into question the legality of the voting process or election outcome – any accusations. By rigging votes, intimidating the vote, or suppressing the electorate.

In the same context, the Financial Times said that Facebook will launch a supervisory body similar to the Supreme Court before the US elections, according to what two people familiar with the plans said, after facing mounting criticism for its perceived failure to address obnoxious and divisive content. The sources said that the independent oversight board will judge what is allowed on Facebook platforms, and whether the policies are fair, it will start accepting cases from mid to late October.


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