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Hundreds of obese women challenged the rain and the “Covid-19” pandemic in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the day before yesterday, to demand more variety in fashion and help people accept themselves.

Women of all weights gathered on the catwalk under the gray skies of Paris and under freezing temperatures, as they put on masks, in an activity organized by the “Paddy Positive” movement.

In Trocadero Square, models of all sizes swayed, with their bodies not conforming to the stereotypical image of supermodels. Some men did not hesitate to join them on the runway to support them.

Georgia Stein, who stands behind the “Paddy Postev” movement, said that this show, which was held for the fourth time, “was a real challenge, as 500 exhibitors participated in it despite the virus and restrictions, who came from all over France and Belgium, which proves that the movement is gaining momentum.”

The models wore costumes from the Chinese brand “Shin”. “I didn’t find a French brand,” said Stein. I would have liked to have found one », but she noticed, however, that things in this regard started to improve in France, which is reflected in the advertising campaigns and even on the catwalks of Fashion Week.

In March, the house “Chanel” hired a model of 40, whose “natural” shape appeared to be distinct from other skinny models.

Stein expressed her satisfaction that the French designer Jacquemus carried the torch of the cause advocated by “Buddy Positive”, after Jean-Paul Gaultier was a pioneer in this field.

“All fights take time,” Stein said. We have developed tremendously within two years, and this proves that people need this movement to find themselves in it, accept themselves and feel happy. ”

Higher education professor Emily Dore (30 years) proudly wore a lace ensemble highlighting her curves during this show, to prove that “all women are beautiful.”

“I’m very proud to be here,” said Christina Constantin, a 27-year-old travel agent. We are women and we accept ourselves. ”

As for Dawson Barba, a 30-year-old saleswoman, she discovered “Buddy Positive” on social media, and this show was her first. She says that her participation in it is “a great joy”. It’s her way of protesting against a society that cultivates “typical” beauty.

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