FilGoal | News | A disaster in Italy … 14 people from Genoa infected with the Corona virus


Genoa club announced that 14 members of its team were infected with the Corona virus, one day after losing to Napoli, with a six-way, without a response in the Italian league.

The Genoa club had announced, before the Naples confrontation, that there were two cases of Corona virus among its ranks.

Before the results of the medical swab for the team to detect the Corona virus appeared today, Monday, and confirming that 14 members of the team were infected between the players and the rest of the team.

The “Futbol Italia” website stated that among Genoas injuries, 8 players participated in the Naples match yesterday, Sunday, and they were not discovered to be infected with the Corona virus until after the results of the medical swab appeared for them.

The site added that the Corona injuries for Genoa players range from 8 to 10 players, including the duo Mattia Perrin, goalkeeper and young player Lacey Schone.

The Genoa Club confirmed that all those infected with the Coronavirus have been isolated according to the medical protocol of the Italian League. Their condition will be evaluated again after several days.


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