FilGoal | News | A disastrous penalty kick in Iguain’s debut with Inter Miami


Gonzalo Iguyen strangely missed a penalty in his debut with his new team Inter Miami.

Iguain recently moved from Juventus to Inter Miami in free form, but his first match against the Philadelphia Union did not go well as expected.

Inter Miami lost 3-0, and the day of Iguyen was not good at all by wasting a penalty.

His team were trailing with two unanswered goals in the 76th minute, when Ieguain advanced to score his first goal for Inter Miami.

But his kick went past the post, and things got worse after wasting him when he got into a fight with the Philadelphia players.

This strange scene was not the only special shot for Iguans in the match, but the former Argentine international almost scored a beautiful goal with a back kick, but his ball collided with the post.

Despite the missed kick, Iguain was praised by Inter Miami coach Diego Alonso after the match.

Alonso said, “I am happy with what Iguain did, I think it turned out properly.”

He continued: “It makes sense that he needs more matches to be more comfortable. He will feel better. He was so excited to play.”

And he continued, “What happened in the penalty kick is an option that is possible with any player, with him or with others.”

He concluded, “We are happy with the work he provided and we must continue to improve and reduce mistakes.”

And Inter Miami – owned by David Beckham – is ranked 13 – before the last – in the Eastern Group League, with 11 points, on goal difference from the last DC United.

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