FilGoal | News | A rose to Volos … and fiery statements from the player, “They want to destroy me and I was infected with Corona”


The Greek club, Volos, has officially announced its contract with Amr Warda, the former Egyptian national team player and Buck.

Warda signed his contracts with Volos in a deal, the details of which were not disclosed by the club, but some Greek reports indicated that the deal is for the end of the season.

Warda is preparing to appear with Volos in the number 11 shirt, the club announced on its official website.

Volos plays in the Greek Premier League and is sixth in the league table.

Volos collected 4 points from the first 3 matches in the Greek League.

And Warda posted a farewell message to PAOK fans through his personal Instagram account, in which he wrote: “I wanted to give you more and more, but unfortunately I was not able to do that for one reason or another.”

“Very sorry, you will always remain in my heart and I trust that we will meet again someday .. Thank you.”

Amr Warda conducted a fiery interview with the Greek Radio Metropolis about his new trip. Noting, “I am going to Volos to play football, enjoy football and help my team.”

“I didn’t get any chance with PAOK. They always say about me that I am the best and Bilalala, and in the end they didn’t let me get any chance.”

And about his personality and behavior, “I am a normal person. I played with Atromitus, with Larissa and in the World Cup,” Warda said. “What is said about me is not true. I am a normal person.”

He revealed, “During the preparation period for the new season, I was infected with the Coronavirus. Yes, I contracted Corona, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paulo Dybala, and this is a measure of God, and therefore I was absent from the preparation period.”

He continued, “I do not lie. They always say about me that I am the best in Greece, so you do not describe me as weak.”

He continued, “I received offers from Olympiacos and Ares, and I refused for PAOK and they made me extend my contract, and now why did they do that?”

And on the authority of Ivan Savidis, owner of PAOK Club, Warda said, “I spoke with Evan. He is a very good person and he loves me like his son.”

And he added, “But there are some people inside PAOK who want to destroy me. Every year they want to destroy me.”

Warda denied any mistakes in his career in Greece. Noting, “No, please do not talk about my mistakes. I have been in Greece for 5 years and have never drank alcohol. I am a Muslim and only drink coffee.”

And he continued, saying: “A lot of people talk about me in the back. They used to tell me in Pawk that I am the best and Bilalala and then nothing.”

“Why did they make me sign again? Not to go to Olympiacos? I am 27 years old and have a future.”

And Warda touched on social media, He said, “Everything that is written about me on social media is just a lie. Everyone wants to destroy me on social media.”

“Can you tell me why I didn’t play with PAOK? At Atromitos I was the best in Greece. I love PAOK and respect the club, but some want to destroy me.”

Warda indicated that he did not speak with the PAOK coach, He said, “No, I didn’t speak to him, and why should I do that.”

He explained, “Since he was at the club and wanted to destroy me. He made me extend my contract and after that he does not want me.”

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