FilGoal | News | Adli Al-Qai’i in Joule: Hiring Musimani? I say to Al-Ahly fans, don’t worry


Adly Al-Qaei, Al-Ahly’s marketing and investment advisor, sent a letter to his club fans regarding hiring a new technical director.

Al-Qai’i told “The contract with Pitso Musimani? I say to Al-Ahly fans, God willing, do not worry.”

He added, “We do not like to comment and talk now about the new coach, especially since we did not know until this moment about the contract with the new coach.”

He concluded his statements, “When we announce the contract with the new coach, we will go out to talk, but I will be satisfied with this simple message to Al-Ahly fans about contracting with Musimani.” learned that Al-Ahly will thank its current coach, Rene Fyler, after facing the arsenal, after negotiations between the two parties reached a dead end. (See details)


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