FilGoal | News | Ahmed Abdelkader Hamdi: I rejected two Croatian and Slovak offers for Al-Ahly, my first and last love


Ahmed Abdelkader “Hamdi” expressed his great happiness after returning to my family from Sparta Prague, Czech Republic.

The player stated to the official website of his new club: “Very happy to return to Al-Ahly after I was raised in the ranks of its youth and spent wonderful years between its walls and wished to return to the club again.”

And he continued: “My whole family loves Al-Ahly, so it was natural to come back to him again after my professional trip in the Czech Republic. I used to follow Al-Ahly during my professional career. Al-Ahly has international fame in Europe as the African champion and the most team to win the Champions League.”

He continued: “My ambition with the first team has no limits. I want to achieve championships and successes, and this depends on my diligence and focus with the team and implementing the instructions of the technical staff, and this is what I will do in the coming period to prove my worth in participating with the first team among this constellation of big stars.”

He added: “Any player wishing to wear the Al-Ahly shirt, so I did not hesitate to accept the offer. Negotiations began 3 weeks ago through my agent, and negotiations began officially with Sparta Club, and it did not take long. The signing was done in a short period because I could not delay with Al-Ahly’s request.” “.

He continued, “I am good at playing in several positions, most notably the left and right wings, and I am under the command of the coaching staff in any position that employs me.”

He continued: “I played two and a half seasons in Sparta. In the first, I won the best player title and continued to shine in the second.”

He revealed: “I received two offers from the Croatian Hajduk Spiel, and the Slovak AS Trinson, and with them the offer of Al-Ahly. Although Al-Ahly’s offer was the third, I preferred it without thinking and did not look at the offers of Croatia and Slovakia, and I decided to sign for my family, because it is my first and last love.”

He explained: “I was keen to follow the Egyptian league in the Czech Republic and constantly communicated with some of the first team players in Al-Ahly. I have a strong relationship with the 99th generation, with whom I played a lot before my European professionalism.”

He added: “My experience in the Al-Ahly youth sector was very good. I spent years I do not forget, specifically from the 2011 to 2017 season, and I won the title of best player and scorer in five seasons, and then I moved to the Czech League after I preferred him to another offer that had come to me from Basel, Switzerland.”

He concluded: “I hope Al-Ahly will be crowned the African Champions League after winning the league title. The team has all the ingredients for success and won the African title despite the difficulties it suffers due to injuries and absences.”


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