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Al-Ahly completed its agreement with South African coach Pitso Musimane to succeed Swiss Rene Fyler as captain of the team.

وعلم The Musaimani apparatus includes 3 of his assistants, provided that the contract is for a period of two years.

You reviews The most prominent information about the South African coach’s assistants before Al-Ahly leadership.

Rollani Moccoyna

Moccuena is the assistant coach, and recently rejoined the Pitso Mosimane apparatus at the Sundowns.

Mukwena was appointed as assistant coach at Sundowns last July, after his departure from the team in 2017.

Mocoyna is 33 years old, son of ex-Orlando Pirates footballer Julias Sunu, and from a football family.

He started his professional coaching career in the youth teams of the Silver Stars club, later known as Platinum Stars.

Mocoyna attended a study course in Europe to learn from the English Premier League, and specifically from Liverpool.

He joined Sundowns in 2014 as part of the club’s development team and was subsequently promoted to be an assistant to Pitso Mosimane.

Mocoyna continued with the team until 2017 and helped the team win its first CAF Champions League title in 2016.

Mokoena then moved to Orlando Pirates to work as assistant to Milutin Siridojevic “Micho”, former Zamalek coach.

He assumed the technical leadership in August 2019 temporarily after the resignation of Meizhou, he continued to lead the team for 5 months and played 14 matches, winning 4, drawing 5 and losing 5 others.

Mokoyna then returned to the second-man assignment when he served as Joseph Zainbauer’s assistant from December 2019 to March 2020.

Last March, Mocoyna moved to Chiba United club to work as coach of the team, but it was not completed due to the Corona virus pandemic and led one game that ended in a draw.

Last July, Mocoyna returned to the Sundowns again to work as an assistant coach with Musimane before moving with him to lead Al-Ahly.

Capello Rangwana

Rangwana is a load coach in the coaching staff of Musimane, and perhaps his most notable feature is “planning”.

Rangwana joined the coaching staff of Sundowns in 2014 from Platinum Stars, and he previously worked for a while in the South African national team.

In statements to Power Radio 98.7 in 2018, Kapilua Rangwana told the secret of the success of Sundowns, saying: “It is about good planning, and I mean this word specifically.”

He continued, “You have to know what to do. Planning is the way to success. We know what our program will look like next month. You can choose any date and I will tell you what we will do.”

“My job is basically to design a training program for the team throughout the season, to make sure that the players implement the coaches’ plans at 100% fitness levels,” Rangwana revealed.

He concluded his statements, “The starting point is to register in any institution of sports science. It is important to learn physiology. My job is the link between the medical staff and the training staff. You must obtain a training badge in order to be able to speak the same language as the coach.”

Moussa Matlaba

Matlapa is one of the three Sundowns coaching performance analysts, and has previously studied sports science at the University of Pretoria as well as working in a DVD store.

Matlapa revealed the secret of the success of Sundowns in a press interview in 2018, saying: “We taught ourselves and developed our methods of work. I went to study analysis in Amsterdam last year. It was good to see that we are doing the same things that international teams are doing.”

“We were fortunate to be with Jose Barros, the assistant coach of Monaco who is also the head of analysis. He showed us how they are doing things there, which is exactly the same way we work.”

Matlaba revealed, “Manchester City, for example, has eight analysts for the first team. We do not have that luxury in Africa. Teams still deal without the importance of an analyst.”

Regarding dealing with Musimani, he explained, “He has established a philosophy and style of play, and philosophy has different approaches in how to attack, defend and move between them. My mission is to monitor that and make sure that we play according to what he specified and the planning required of them.”

“We also follow major teams around the world to identify recent patterns and trends, and there is no shame in copying something that is done better,” he added.

He concluded his remarks, “Before I came to Mosimane, he told me that there are no working hours with him. We work all the time. He can send a message at 3 am about something he wants to show in training, and we must be ready in the morning.”

Matlaba was not satisfied with his success with Sundowns, as he joined last July to study for the UEFA C training license hosted by the Scottish Federation.

Musimani also studied the CAF PRO license, which was an online training course due to travel conditions and the coronavirus pandemic.

Matlapa revealed that Musimane encourages members of the coaching staff to study more for his assurance that knowledge is the key to success.

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