FilGoal | News | Algerian report: Blayly aims to terminate his contract with Ahly Jeddah … and European offers are expected


An Algerian report said that the star of Al-Khader, and the goal of Al-Ahly in the transfer market, Youssef Blayly, aims to terminate his contract with Al-Ahly Jeddah of Saudi Arabia through the International Football Association (FIFA).

The report of the French-speaking Algerian website revealed that Blailey intends to file a complaint from my family in Jeddah with FIFA, because he has not received his last 3 salaries, which makes him eligible to file a complaint against the Saudi club for termination of the contract.

The website stated that the Jeddah people demanded that Bliley reduce his contract, in which he receives 300 thousand euros a month, by 50%, but Bliley refused that, and his failure to return to Saudi Arabia from Algeria so far, prompted the Saudi club not to pay his salaries.

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However, the Algerian report moved to a new point, which is the possibility that Bella will get a referee from FIFA in December, and at that time he may move to a European club.

The Algerian site has offered the names of Napoli’s clubs in Italy, Valencia, Getafe or Villarreal in Spain, as potential destinations for the 2019 African Nations Champion, according to website sources.


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