FilGoal | News | Amir Mortada: No contract was signed with Gross or Ferreira for obvious reasons … and the position of Babel


Amir Mortada Mansour, General Supervisor of Football at Zamalek Club, believes that the matter of contracting with the technical director is the role of the Board of Directors.

This comes after calls from fans to contract with Christian Gross or Gosfaldo Ferreira before Jaime Pacheco is finally contracted.

Amir Mortada said: “What we always do for the fans while they are on my head personally, but we do not contract with a coach for a person, some want that and others another coach, so we are looking for the best in general.”

He added on Ontime Sports 2: “The public did not know Gross before contracting him, but rather demanded Ferreras return, and they did not know Ferrera before his arrival, or even Pacheco.”

“These matters should be left to the board of directors, as this is its role and the work of the best for the club,” he added.

Amir revealed, “Gross was presented to us through his agent and that he is ready to lead the team. I informed him that I will communicate with the administration and if there are no reservations, we will not waste time.”

He continued, “I said before that it would have been better not to renew it because it would have killed the club’s youth project and depends on a certain number of players without the rest, but it will succeed in matches like the rest of the Champions League, 3 matches for the title.”

The general supervisor of football in Zamalek explained, “I spoke with the president of the club about Gross, and he told me not to inform me of names. They decided you as a committee and gave me the name to approve it. I spoke with Gross, but he wanted to contract for two months only, not a full season, and link the contract to his late dues.”

He stressed, “Our goal is to win the championship, but I do not want to destroy the next season for the sake of the tournament, in the end we may lose the title and thus destroy the team’s strategy. It was possible to lose the title by Carton, but the club’s way will continue as it is.”

He added, “Gross’s assistants got their dues as soon as they demanded it before. He filed a case against the club in FIFA, but he lost it.”

Speaking about Ferreira, he said: “He was afraid of the public pressure before the African Championships because of the lack of time, and this is one of the reasons for not coming.”

He continued, “In addition to Coronas circumstances and the difficulty of collecting his assistant, all of this made him apologize in the end.”

On Ari Babel’s position, he explained, “his statements to the media despite the fact that Zamalek did not announce his inclusion of the reasons for not completing the contract with him.”

He continued, “He asks us to restrict him, is there a period of restriction currently? The season is not over. Twelve people spoke to me as his agents.”

He added, “There are good players we have seen, but their mentality is the reason for not completing their career. We have not decided our position on the foreign players and have not undergone medical examination.”

He stressed, “We have not closed the curtain, the club’s interest is above everything. If it is important to include him, we will contract with him and after the foreigners position in the team is resolved.

Speaking about the renewal of Bancharqi, he said: “The player is in his contract for two seasons. Where is the problem? The priority for the next period and a coach who starts the first training.”

He completed his statement, “A player signed for a period of 3 years, is it customary to renew after one season for a fourth year? It is like asking me what will Zamalek do if it qualifies for the quarter-finals of the next season of the African Champions League?”


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