FilGoal | News | Amir Mortada reveals Pachecos only objection … and Tariq Yahyas report settles Bancharki’s punishment


Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the football team at Zamalek club, revealed the only matter that Jimmy Pacheco, the new coach of the team, objected to, after knowing all the information and details about his team.

Amir Mortada said: “I handed Pacheco all the information he requested and needed, and there are other things he is working on.”

“Pachecos only objection was to the league table, specifically because there were matches at the same time as the international agenda,” he added in his comments on Ontime Sports.

He continued, “Pacheco was very surprised about that because Zamalek played two matches, according to the schedule, at the same time as the international agenda.”

And he added, “So far, we have not received any summons for players from Zamalek to the Egyptian team, but we have received from the Moroccan national team and the Tunisian team for Ashraf Bencharki and Ferjani Sassi.”

He continued, saying: “I will present the matter to Mortada Mansour – President of Zamalek – and we will see what can happen.”

Regarding the victory in front of El Gouna, Amir Mortada began his speech by praising the El Gouna team He said: “Better luck for El Gouna. The team played a great game and I wish them luck.”

And he continued, “I congratulate the Zamalek players. They presented what was required of them in this difficult and unorganized period. In some periods the player is the frontrunner. The players were up to the responsibility and I thank Tariq Yahya and the entire coaching staff.”

Amir Mortada answered the question: Will Ashraf Bencharki be punished for objecting to his departure from the stadium? He said: “There is a list and I was in the stands and I will wait for Tariq Yahyas report after the match.”

He explained, “Tariq Yahya will present his report after the match, and if the player made a mistake, the list will be applied to him.”

The match witnessed the presence of Jaime Pacheco, the new Portuguese coach for the team, from the stands, while Tariq Yahya led the match from the bench.

Mahmoud Alaa scored two goals, Ahmed Mustafa “Zizo”, and Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” the goals of Zamalek, while Walter Bawalia scored two goals, and Louai Wael scored a goal for El Gouna.

The victory raised Zamalek’s balance to the 61st point in second place, while El Gounas balance was frozen at the 31st point in the 13th place.


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