FilGoal | News | An official statement from Zamalek regarding the “Century Club”: We will not back down … Our eligibility for the title “belief”


Zamalek’s board of directors stressed that it would not back down in the case of the Twentieth Century Club in Africa.

Zamalek said in an official statement: “The club’s board of directors has not and will not back down from defending the club’s rights in various issues, including the file of the Century Club.”

He stressed, “Zamalek’s eligibility to the title of the football team of the century is a creed within all Zamalekawi, and that the council rejects the criteria upon which Al-Ahly was awarded the title of the Century Club, especially with Zamalek obtaining at that time 9 continental titles, compared to 7 for the red team, and calling on the council all Media professionals and claimants that they are experts in the regulations do not involve themselves in this case, especially since any step taken by the club in this file is announced through official means.

He declared, “The club has assigned some interested people in this matter, including Zamalekawi, Moataz Al Shami, who lives in the UAE, to follow up on this file and present all the documents and procedures required to a number of specialized experts to escalate this file and obtain the club’s right in this regard.”

And he added, “The club’s board of directors stressed that the failure of the previous councils prevented Zamalek’s right in this file, which was opened by the council and took steps to restore the club’s right, including official letters, including imposing the matter in reality in front of all fans by raising the banners confirming the club’s entitlement to this title.”

He completed “a message to the club’s fans, to place their confidence in the club’s board of directors headed by Mortada Mansour, who did not and will not hesitate to restore the club’s rights and defend it in all cases.”


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