FilGoal | News | Arsenal in the Joule: Our ambition is to achieve a surprise against Al-Ahly


Shaker Abdel Fattah, Technical Director of Arsenal, said that his team aspires to achieve a surprise against Al-Ahly in the round of 16 match of the Egypt Cup, tomorrow, Wednesday.

Abdel-Fattah told, saying: “Surrender to defeat means that we will not participate in the meeting, but we are preparing very seriously.”

“We gave up 7 players before resuming the second division, and we promoted 3 youngsters to the first team,” he explained.

And he added, “Al-Ahly will play on substitutes? This does not mean anything, everyone will participate in the name of Al-Ahly, so it will be a difficult match. Al-Ahly achieved the league and did not lose once, except against Zamalek.”

He stressed, “The talk about the departure of Rene Fyler after our match? Of course his focus will be on going up even if this is true, and he will seek to satisfy the fans and the administration and not bid farewell to the tournament.”

He continued, “I participated in front of Al-Ahly as a player and coach, and the matches of the two teams always have great competition.”

He concluded, “The position of the arsenal in the ranking table and its relegation to the third degree does not reflect the history of the club, but we are trying to correct things.”


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