FilGoal | News | Barclay: I joined Aston Villa to participate in the Euro


Ross Barkley, the Chelsea player on loan to Aston Villa, aims to participate in the next Euro Championship, to be held in the summer of 2021, with this step.

On Wednesday, Aston Villa announced the signing of Chelsea midfielder Ross Barclay for a season on loan.

“Coming here and having the opportunity to play regularly is important to me, especially as the Euro Championship will be at the end of the season,” Barclay said in comments to his new club’s website.

“Dean Smith influenced me the way he did to me, it looks like it’s going to be an exciting season.”

Aston Villa scored their second successive victory in their first two Premier League matches for the first time since 1999, when they beat Fulham.

With that result, Aston Villa scored six points, ranking fourth in the table and has a postponed match against Manchester City.

Barclay continued, “Jack Grealish had a great role in convincing me to move to Aston Villa.”

“We are friends outside the stadium and we know each other well,” he said. “I look forward to playing with him.”

The 26-year-old England international has played 33 caps for his country.

He has played 52 matches for Chelsea in the English Premier League and Champions League, since his move to Stamford Bridge in January 2018.

Barclay played with Everton’s first team at the age of 17 after being promoted from the youth academy.

Barclay scored 27 goals in 179 matches for the Tovees.


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