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Benfica coach Jorge Jesus announced the imminent transfer of his player, Robin Diash, to Manchester City.

Diach scored in Benfcias victory over Moreirense, with a double, on Saturday evening, Within the Portuguese League.

Jesus said after the match: “I am sure that Diash played his last match with us, but sometimes things change in the last second of football. Nevertheless, I do not think that anything will change in our situation.”

He added, “He is a player whose departure we regret. He graduated from the club’s academy. He is our captain and plays in the national team.”

He justified: “We are forced to let him go due to our exit from the Champions League, and therefore our need for values ​​with some economic budgets. He is a great player and has a high value in the transfer market, and he is able to develop.”

And he continued: “Otamendi can enter into the deal. He has shown his abilities before with Porto, plays for Argentina and has been a mainstay for most of the years with Manchester City, so he is a player we want, of course.”

He concluded: “The player who will join us must understand that my thoughts are completely different from those of Manchester City.”

And it was Fabricio Romano is a journalist for Sky Italia. It has been mentioned that Diash is about to move to Manchester City for 55 million euros, in addition to Nicolas Otamendi’s transfer to Benfica.

Diash will sign with Manchester City until the 2025 season, while Otamendi’s contract with Benfica will extend to 2023.

Diash arrives in Manchester within the next few hours to undergo a medical examination before the deal is officially announced.

Dias, 23, is participating in the center of defense and became Benficas captain this season, after the distinguished level he presented in past years.

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