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Former Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas believes that his exclusion by Jose Mourinho in 2012 was for personal reasons.

Casillas made a comparison between his exclusion by Vicente Del Bosque at the start of his career, and his sidelining with Mourinho in the Portuguese’s last season with Real Madrid.

“The two situations are completely different,” Kasiask said. “The first decision was for sports reasons, and the other for personal reasons.”

He added, “We were two people who enjoyed a great relationship during a year and a half, then problems occurred in the last year. When you are the captain of the team, you have to talk to the coach constantly, this does not mean that you are more important than the coach, but in the end the clash will occur and it will lead to a rift in the relationship.” .

And he continued: “On a personal level, Jose thought I was not better than my colleague, or let’s say we did not enjoy harmony and it was easy for him to choose another player in my place. There are a lot of things that happened that people do not know about.”

He continued: “Our relationship is good now. We met several times afterwards and exchanged friendly words.”

And he justified: “Everyone searched at their time for the best for the team. I decided not to have a close relationship with him, and he decided to rely on someone else.”

He concluded: “The club and I dealt with my exit wrongly. This situation should not have happened the way it happened. If I were to advise a player to leave Real Madrid, he must make a decent farewell after everything he offered to the club.”

Mourinho had made a historic decision to keep Casillas on the bench in favor of Antonio Adan, before assigning Diego Lopez in January to complete the season as a starting point.

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