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“Pep Guardiola has a lot of problems to deal with. His team had a very bad evening against Leicester City.” Darren Fletcher comments, via BBC, on the confrontation.

There is no doubt that Leicester City achieved a historic result and a number of impressive numbers for him and his coach, Brandon Rodgers, but Manchester City for a team competing for the title? It is useless to concede 7 goals in 3 matches, 5 of which are in one match.

If some people think that this matter is up to the line of defense only, these features will say the opposite.

More than just a line of defense

“It’s more than conceding some bad goals. What really worries is the way the team appeared while losing from attack to defense.”

“When things went wrong for Manchester City with Pep in the past, it is easy to criticize the defense line for not being able to deal with rebounds or for making individual mistakes.”

“We saw the two things happen against Leicester, but I think the whole team bears responsibility for the loss, not just the defense.” Former Manchester United star Darren Fletcher speaking to the BBC.

Manchester City did not provide an intercession for him against Leicester City, Riyad Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne passed passes that created dangerous opportunities 3 for each of them more than any other player in the team, but who else in the team did that? Eric Gacia, Penagmen Mendy and Ferran Torres are the only alternatives.

Leicester City had 7 shots on goal and scored 5, Manchester City 5 scored two goals.

Of course, there were 3 penalties, but in total Leicester’s offensive performance was more effective and dangerous.

City without Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero, a duo who will be absent for some weeks, and without a striker it was clear that he was in trouble in front of Leicester’s goal.

Pep played in a 4-3-3 double-centered pairing of Rodri, Fernandinho, Kevin De Bruyne, Advanced Playmaker 10 and Raheem Sterling as a striker.

“The danger of Sterling has always been with City when he cuts from left to depth and De Bruyne when he starts from the right in the middle is more than his distance in this way in order to send his usual crosses.” -Daren Fletcher on BBC.

City had a number of players who played outside their positions, Phil Foden as the left attacking winger, Sterling as the striker, De Bruyne far from his role in which he excels, all of this affected the team’s level and focus in attack.

The Kastanies idea

In most clubs that play offensive ball and relies on it, you find the full-back advancing towards the penalty area, while the midfielder or the winger is positioned as a full back.

An idea that may seem strange when written, so why not apply it? Leicester full-back Timothy Castani, newcomer from Atalanta, is a very successful student of Gian Piero Gasperini.

The attacking ball that Atalanta was playing was heavily dependent on his backs not to the side but to the opponent’s penalty area. And Kastanies moved that to Leicester.

Dennis Bright, midfielder, appeared as a winger against Manchester City, allowing Kustani to come out ahead and do what he excels at.

So far, Castani has scored twice and scored in 3 games for Leicester, including Jimmy Vardy’s wonderful goal against Manchester City.

Daniel Amarty was also helping him a lot in this matter, when he was attacking City, the Leicester defense would turn to 5 in the back line, and with the ball, Amarty headed to the right, and Castane would start with Bright also.

It does not stop there, James Justin on the left side, his role was to open spaces in City’s defense instead of entering the penalty area like Castani, meaning that the Belgian’s role was completely different from his colleague.

In these two shots, a goal was created and a penalty kick that resulted in a goal.

Pivot defense but no protection for the rear quadruple

“City’s suffering in attack became worse with mistakes in the back line. Every time they let a Manchester City player enter the wrong area on their side in the penalty area, then they would do a naive challenge.”

“It may sound like the basics of defense, but the gaps between each defensive player were so large and it was clear that they lacked communication” – Darren Fletcher.

In this shot, the entire City defense and midfield was hit with a single pass from Yuri Telemans to Castane, then Vardy and the goal.

It looked as though the back four were inexperienced and the midfield was not supporting them.

City’s defense as a team is exposed with one very simple pass between the defenders, which happened in Leicester’s three kicks, and the same thing against Lyon in the Champions League and Arsenal in the FA Cup in the same manner and game.

Unforgettable numbers for Rodgers and his regiment

  • The first victory in Branden Rodgers’ training career against Pep Guardiola, has previously faced 5 matches, lost 3 and tied twice.
  • Rodgers played against City 14 times, gaining 4, drawing 4 and losing 6. Now they have 5 wins.
  • Rodgers’ first victory as a coach is against Manchester City from March 2015.
  • For Leicester, this is the first victory against Manchester City since 2018 after 3 consecutive losses.
  • Finally, this is Jamie Vardy’s second hat-trick against Manchester City since Pep Guardiola took over as coach, and the first was in December 2016, and his third hat-trick in his career with Leicester in the Premier League after City and Southampton.


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